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  1. CABANE (1 Jan 18) Listed here is a cool little project organized by a couple in Québec, Canada. They have built their own tiny home on wheels and parked it off grid on their grandmothers land. If the house completed successfully they then planned to start building other tiny homes for other people as a business. Unfortunately their website is in the french language and Google translate seems to work ok (not very well), but they really need to do both french & english language on the website. Click on the picture at the right to take a video tour of their original tiny house.

    ►We are a young family from the québec region who has decided to live the great adventure of entrepreneurship! Simon is the great dreamer behind cabane. Very small, it was looking at the view of hidden hollow corners that could be transformed cabana, whether in a tree, in a strong under the snow or with the cushions of the sofa at home! Becoming adult, this side has been maintained by making it passionate for the small optimized and warm spaces where cocooning is at honor. We can build your mini house to measure, according to your needs. We have plans and ideas that we can offer you, as it is possible to imagine a 100% you! Modern? Rustic? Colored? Sleek? Everything is possible! For this type of turnkey project, provide a minimum budget of $ 45,000 cad + taxes.◄
  2. OPEN BUILDING INSTITUTE (21 Jul 17) As far as i can tell this is a successful project and it is still being updated here in 2017. Everything here is FREE, so you can take advantage of the resources on their website to design your own little cabin or small home. Here is the URL to their very successful Kickstarter campaign:

    ►The OBI system is open source, collaborative and distributed. Our focus is on low cost and rapidly-built structures that are modular, ecological, and energy efficient. At the heart of the project is a library of building modules — walls, windows, doors, roof, utility and functional modules, etc. that can be combined to create a variety of structures: Studios, homes, multi-family houses, greenhouses, barns, workshops, schools, offices, etc. Our approach focuses on state of the art and ecological housing. This means that the system pays special attention to water-catchment, passive heating and cooling, photovoltaics, thermal mass, insulation, off-grid sanitation, and hydronic heat. Designs and build instructions are contributed by designers around the world and are reviewed by experienced builders. A shared pool of designs means that each one of us does not have to reinvent the wheel. A greater number of designers means faster development. And the larger the number of contributions, the greater the diversity of approaches and solutions we can choose from. All modules and procedures are OPEN SOURCE — forever and with no exceptions. This means that everyone is free to use, modify and redistribute them. Our OSHWA-compatible license also ensures that you are free to profit from these designs — by using them, for example, in design and/or build contractor work. The library is made available online in standard CAD formats compatible with open source software applications such as FreeCAD and Blender. The library can be directly imported into Sweet Home 3D — an open source interior design application. Once imported into the application, modules can be simply dragged and dropped to create a building design. The modules on the library are designed specifically to be easily and quickly built by non-professional builders. A 4×8ft insulated wall module, for example, takes a team of two people 1 hour to build.◄
  3. The Courtney KEITH HAY HOMES (6 June 17) This is a New Zealand based business. They manufacture small homes either on site or in their factory. Picture on the right is of their model called: "The Courtney".

    ►If you're looking for a home builder you can trust then you've come to the right place. Keith Hay Homes has been trusted by over 22,000 New Zealanders since 1938. Our knowledge and experience are unsurpassed, allowing us to build quality, affordable Hardware Store properties tailored to meet your needs, quickly, efficiently and with no fuss. With over 25 plans to choose from Keith Hay Homes properties are suitable for: investment/rental properties, farm accommodation, homes and lifestyle properties, beach/holiday houses, minor dwellings, commercial properties, and classrooms and educational buildings. We have four key ranges: First Choice Range: Affordable and practical, these homes are ideal as first homes, farm accommodation, rental properties or a holiday bach. From 65m2 to 120m2. Classic Collection: A step up in design and specifications from our First Choice range. Classic homes are timeless and contemporary, at an affordable price. From 89m2 to 140m2. Coastal: Designed for casual indoor/outdoor living, from a simple Kiwi bach at just 76m2 to a spacious 135m2 entertainer's delight. These stylish, modern designs are equally at home at the beach, the country or the suburbs. Architectural: These contemporary homes are the result of a collaboration between Keith Hay Homes and Architex NZ, an award winning practice recognized for excellent design resulting in sustainable homes perfectly suited to New Zealand landscapes.◄
  4. Describe BAOFENG (17 Apr 17) This Chinese company ships all over the world and their metal homes are really cool in my opinion. They sell/manufacture: Container houses, Prefab Steel Houses, & Expandable Steel Homes. I like this company because they build small backyard type structures to very large agricultural style buildings. They do it ALL. Billed as: Steel Structure|Supplier and Manufacturer in China with 10 Years Production, installation experience in steel structural building. Picture on the right is of their: Steel prefabricated modular home model "YZF2".

    ►Our products are customized steel structure buildings and houses. There is a variety of optional aspects in size, material, type, color, configuration and so on. If you have drawings, we can provide you a quotation directly. But if you don't have the drawing, we can provide you a free design. Our professional engineers can help you free design the products you need. We can provide you a free floor plan and 3D renderings. If you need samples, we can send you a free sample, but you need to pay the shipping cost of the sample. We started in 2005, the steel structure design, production and installation of integrated services. In the course of nearly 10 years, we have been focusing on the production of steel warehouses, poultry farm buildings, & steel sheds. We have a lot of experience in the design, production and installation of these buildings. Even if you don't want to buy our products, we are still willing to provide you with detailed solutions. Our factory has now reached 20,000 square meters. The production pipeline of steel structure workshop includes 20 production lines and integrated services. Each section completes the work with each other. Our mission is through professional teamwork, providing superior quality, service and value to our customers for life.◄
  5. Allwood Cabin Kit Lille Villa Escape ALLWOOD CABIN KIT LILLEVILLA ESCAPE   Here is what seems like a high quality low price all wood cabin i think made in a foreign country. All buyers of these kits have left high star ratings. Anyway, this small cabin has a small price and is all wood. It looks great set-up on a wood deck. The inside Floor Area is: 113 SF. Wall thickness is: 1-3/4in (44mm) Nordic Spruce. Ridge Height: 8ft-3in. Door: 33.5in x 69.7in. Window: 46.9in x 34.2in. 1 new from $4,390.00. One lady said: "I saw these spruce cabin kits in a hardware store in the Swedish archipelago in 2008. I was impressed by the quality of craftsmanship. Also spruce is a pleasing wood grain and non toxic you want to stay away from cedar inside the home. This is the most cost effective housing option while the main house is being built and will be used as guest house. It's a better option for us than a camper/yurt/tiny house/tent and it's nice to have Nordic imports in the states."

    ►It is no wonder that Lillevilla Escape so popular. With 113 SF inside area, this cute cabin is large enough to create extra space for your hobby, garden or pool tools and supplies. It can also become your home office, lake house, guest cottage, yoga studio or a retail kiosk. Or simply a retreat on the corner of your back yard. The pictures (showing a real owner, by the way) tell the story. Product specifications: Solid T&G Nordic Spruce. Wall thickness: 1-3/4in (44mm) T&G. Inside Size: 12ft-5in x 9ft-1in. Inside Floor Area: 113 SF. Outside size: 12ft-6in x 9ft-2in. Overall Outside size: 14ft-2in x 14ft-9in. Height overall: 8ft-3in. Height of the wall: 6ft-5in. Door: 33.5in x 69.7in. Window: 46.9in x 34.3in. Weight: 3200Lbs. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about 6 hours for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit. Only minimal tools are needed. For all round use, added insulation is recommended. In most climate zones floor and roof insulation will be enough. We can also install the cabin for you. Please contact us for Free Estimate. Like last summer, escape stock kits were again sold out. During the off season (october to march) please allow allow 45 - 60 days after order for delivery date. Payment schedule 10% down + balance prior delivery is available. Details available upon request.◄
  6. Amish Cabin Company AMISH CABIN COMPANY   These folks have a real nice website. It looks like a quality product if their website information is any indication. They provide a lot of information about their cabins using both videos & pictures. They offer Free Delivery within 200 miles of Elizabethtown, KY. The delivery charge for their cabins or cabin kits depends upon your delivery city/state distance from them. They can deliver nearly anywhere!

    ►Do you dream of having your own beautiful, well-built, energy efficient cabin in the woods, by a lake or river, or in a wide open pasture? If so, come on in and visit us to learn more about our Amish-crafted cabins! At Amish Cabin Company, we build fully assembled pre-built modular log cabins and log cabin kits of the highest quality. Our "Deluxe" log cabins are built in our custom off-grid facility on a Kentucky Amish farm and delivered to your site fully assembled, ready for same day use. If you're looking for something larger, we can also build on site. We use the finest materials and take pride in Amish quality. No nails are used, only screws, for additional strength and durability. Nails can warp or pull out, screws don't. Beautiful exposed post and beam, timber frame construction will provide you with many years of comfort and security, inspected during construction to meet national codes. We have 5 standard models available as unassembled kit or prebuilt assembled. Our prebuilt cabins can be "Basic" which gives the customer an open floor plan, no finished interior, and are great for those working within a limited budget. Our "Deluxe" prebuilt cabins are fully finished on the inside featuring bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, insulation, electric and more. And if your needs are in between, our cabins are fully customizable to meet all your cabin needs. We even offer our "Olympic T" combination of any of the 5 standard models, which joins together 2 of our cabins of your choice for more square footage! Our introductory video shows a brief overview of all of our products. Beautiful and durable eastern white pine comes from our Amish sawmill and is used from floor to ceiling, including Amish-built bathroom and kitchen cabinets, exterior and interior walls, and doors. Our Everlast Roofing metal roofing is made in the USA with your choice of color and features a 40 year warranty. You'll be proud of the beautiful timber frame construction of your new cabin, and it will provide you and your family with years of comfort and enjoyment.◄
  7. Cabin discovered in Arcata Community Forest ARCATA CABIN   This item linked to here is about a prefab cabin of sorts - something i would like to do myself but this is a difficult thing to do and that is set-up a cabin in the woods in a secret location. Please click on "Mad River Union" links for additional information regarding this cabin. Arcata is located up near the Northern California coast near Eureka. Lots of homeless people in that area. Interesting Finds On Amazon There are some people who are very clever with setting up camouflage, and this cabin was expertly hidden from view.

    ►While marking trees to be harvested for the first time in 30 years, a forest ranger stumbled across quite the odd sight. Although he didn't see it until he was just 12 feet away, he found an eerie cabin hidden in the woods – and that's when he discovered the creepy mystery inside. Mark Andre, now an Environmental Services director in Arcata, California, was marking trees in the forest when he looked up and saw something out of place. "I didn't see it until I was 12 feet from it," he said. "It's in the perfect out-of-the-way spot where it wouldn't be detected." Someone had crafted an entire cabin in the woods measuring about 8ft by 12ft and about 15 feet tall. The most intriguing part came as Mark noticed the location was immaculate. Without the normal environmental abuse associated with forest campsites, there weren't even any trails showing how anyone brought in the materials to craft the structure.◄
  8. MEDCottage MED COTTAGE   These small cabins or "Granny pods" offer nursing home amenities at home. This is an idea which is late in coming in my opinion. These little cabins can be rented or purchased depending on your needs and placed somewhere on your property. I think that a person could also as an alternative buy a prefab shed from the Home Depot or someplace that sells sheds and then finish off the interior to make a comfortable living quarters for your relative to live in. But these MEDCottges have everything you need to properly care for your loved one.

    ►MEDCottage is a developer of upscale senior housing to help your retired loved ones maintain their freedom by the latest innovative technology. N2Care is rooted in innovation. Since our inception, we have challenged the status quo with revolutionary options for quality senior care. As people age or require additional care, many of the treatment options often take them away from their family. N2Care's products give families the ability to directly participate in their loved ones' recovery, rehabilitation or extended care. We provide an affordable alternative to nursing homes. Our signature product, the MEDCottage, supports this idea of family-managed healthcare. The MEDCottage is a mobile, modular medical home designed to be temporarily placed on a caregiver's property for rehabilitation and extended care. Simply stated, it's a state-of-the-art hospital room with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care.◄
  9. 6.1m Two Story House with annexes GOULBURN YURTWORKS   This is an Australian based business. They prefab these wood buildings which they call "Yurts", but i do not think they are really Yurts in the traditional sense of the word. They would be better described as octagon homes or round homes. A genuine Yurt is usually canvas or animal skin covered and are portable. These buildings are not portable. Anyway they build cabins (homes), plus studio type backyard sheds. These people maintain an active Facebook page which they keep up to date. In spite of the bad economy everywhere they seem to do a good business. Their prices for their cabin kits seem quite reasonable. Picture on the right is of their two story house with annexes. They have both - single story & two story cabins.

    ►Are you on holidays dreaming about that nice little studio for your garden? A space for reading and relaxing, meditating, art, making music - away from the house? Do you have teenagers who need their own space? If so, let us know we would be happy to help. There seem to be lots of enquiries for large yurt homes at the moment. That's what is great about the yurts - you can get a size to suit your needs from small to large, a single yurt or a cluster. Contact the boys at the factory in Goulburn if you want to discuss your needs. Phone: 02 4821 5931 or email:◄
  10. The Backyard Bi(h)ome BACKYARD BI(H)OME   This is quite the project. Thousands of these units might be built in the future to accommodate Los Angeles's ever growing population. It is designed to be set-up in someones backyard for rental to someone. A rental unit- something that would be acceptable to the city planning department i guess. As far as i know California has the most rigid land use laws in the country. Hope it works out for them.

    Musical Instruments ►Developed as an extension of cityLAB’s Backyard Homes study, the Backyard BI(h)OME is an ultra-modern, lightweight accessory dwelling unit that has the potential to meet the current demand for 100,000 additional housing units in Los Angeles while also serving as a biome by providing habitats for diverse species. With its ultra-modern, eco-friendly, customizable design, the BI(h)OME is not your typical accessory dwelling unit. The BI(h)OME is a creative, pragmatic response to one of Southern California’s central challenges – urban sprawl. This unique collaborative project has harnessed the energy and expertise of UCLA students, faculty, staff, and local design professionals. Designed to be both affordable and customizable, the BI(h)OME responds to the needs of a diverse array of families and individuals at different life stages. The BI(h)OME is designed to enhance habitat for diverse species while incorporating water and energy conservation technology. The BI(h)OME offers a tangible, human-scale solution to meet the goals of UCLA’s Grand Challenge to help create a sustainable Los Angeles by 2050.◄
  11. A hideaway cabin that anyone can build for $2,000. THE THUNDERHOUSE   Here is a Mother Earth News Cabin that at the time of the article it was billed as "Eco-friendly living: A low impact hideaway cabin that anyone can build for $2,000". Full architectural plans, for Pete and Arlene Charest's "Thunderhouse" cabin are available for $29.95 directly from them, UBER GIFT CARDS at Better Barns, Bethlehem, CT . For more information on their business, visit: Review your local building codes before building any permanent structure.

    ►"The Thunderhouse" had to meet several requirements: It had to be off the ground to allow for occasional flooding; it had to offer a view of the fishing herons, egrets, ibis and wood storks in the wetlands; it had to catch the breeze under the leafy canopy on hot days while offering protection from the tropical downpours on a Summer afternoon; and it had to distance us from the occasional snake, armadillo, wild boar, turkey, bobcat, skunk and raccoon. With no electricity, limited funds and no one to help us build, the camp building began to take shape. Pete designed it so that the lion's share of the building materials were simple 2 by 4s. The comparatively few cuts needed could be made with a simple miterbox and handsaw. The cabin was completely assembled with our trusty, battery-operated 3/8 inch cordless driver drill; stainless steel sheet metal screws were driven with a 1/4 inch driver through Simpson mending plates.◄
  12. Sleepout Unit SKYLINE BUILDINGS   This New Zealand manufacturer of metal buildings has used it's technology to not only make a line of fine looking metal sheds, but also has branched out into wonderful little metal clad homes or cottages (called Gottages: Garage + Cottages). They have an office near where i live that is how i found them. They have all kinds of livable configurations from very small
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    one room cabins up to larger 3 bedroom "Holiday Homes". Picture on the right is of their "9m x 6m one bedroom gottage".

    ►Way back in the Dark Ages (1956, for those of you who are counting), a bloke named Lindsay Cook took it upon himself to provide every Kiwi's dream: Well-built, long-lasting garages at prices within everyone's reach. Lin's attention to detail and keen building nous have helped Skyline become one of the big names of the New Zealand building landscape. And with over 40 independently owned and operated distributors, you could say we're pretty well established. Things We Make: Garages, Gottages, Garden Sheds, Carports, Sleepouts, Farm Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Barns, Baches, Holiday Homes, Cribs, Accommodation, Storage Solutions, & Offices. These days, Skyline leads the pack due to our pursuit of the best in customer service, use of quality materials and our continuous research and development. So if there's ever a garage that remembers your birthday or can make the perfect cuppa, we'll be there first. For over 55 years we've been building New Zealand, and we're proud to say we're not finished yet. So whatever your building needs, get in touch. We're here to help.◄
  13. SMALL HOUSE SWOON   If you like to look at pictures of small or tiny houses without too much explanation then this is the site for you. They have gathered together over the years a calender of small house pics that are quite interesting and may give you some ideas for building your own small home.

    ►If you would like to submit a tiny house you can email photos of it to swoon [at] What is a small house likely to be shared on the site? A unique and small house that is roughly 500-1000 square feet in size that viewers will find interesting, and of course swoon over. All images must be at least 1000 pixels wide. You don't have to be the owner or photographer of the images (if you are, great!) but we must have permission to use these photos. If you would like to receive credit with a link to your website, please provide that as well. The best part is, if the photos you send over get used on the site, we will send you $10 just as a nice and humble "Thank You" for sharing. ~ The Small House Swoon Crew◄
  14. Adam and Karen's Tiny Off-Grid House TINY HOUSE TALK   Here is a good very well maintained up-to-date small cabin website. Billed as "Small Space Freedom" this website has all kinds of information related to small homes. This is not a one man operation and the website is maintained by a number of people.

    ►Hi, I'm Alex Pino. In 2007 I started to simplify because I wanted to take more control over my life, was unhappy with where I was at and wanted to do something about it. So by 2009 I went from working as a government computer technician and living in a 1400 square foot home . . . To writing about tiny houses and simple living while building my own Internet publishing business out of a 500-square-foot apartment. Since then I've tried living out of my backpack and explored many tiny and small homes of all kinds. In 2009 I created Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter because I wanted to share my passion for living smaller and being more purposeful with anyone who was also interested. And that's still what I'm doing today. So this is a place for you to explore and share inspiring simple living stories. From people who live in 120 SF tiny houses on wheels to those who live in 825 SF solar powered homes and just about anything else in between. The purpose of Tiny House Talk is to spread the message of freedom, peace and happiness through simple living. To explore a little more Tiny House Talk history, please enjoy below.◄
  15. Russian River Studio RUSSIAN RIVER STUDIO   This is a listing featuring the famous little cabin designed by Cathy Schwabe Architecture which is one of her many creations. This building is 864 SF and has a multiple use aspect. If you are interested in using her professional architectural services she may still be in business. Contact information is on her website.

    » My practice is strongly influenced by the practice of Joe Esherick, with whom I worked for many years. For me, his often-quoted "How would a farmer do it?" means designing buildings that make sense on their sites,
    whose practical approach to materials and construction details ensures that they will last and whose design has a straightforward, simple beauty. In 25 years of practice, I have worked in both small and large firms and have designed single-family residences, libraries, museums, aquaria, classrooms, and student and multi-family housing. Working with Joe Esherick (EHDD Architecture) for many years influenced me to begin my own practice in 2001 and to focus exclusively on residential design. Designed for a photographer and a writer as a multi-purpose space for painting, drawing, writing, photography, creative dreaming, holiday meals, small workshops, and overflow guests, this 864 SF building with porch and terraced extensions frames the top of the hill above a small existing dwelling. Metal siding, used to better protect the shaded north side, wraps the east end of the house at the transition to the porch-covered entry and wood board-and-batten used on the rest of the walls. Large, colorful wall panels at the interior serve as accents for the otherwise white walls and open to reveal work spaces. The large, light-filled primary space, with polished concrete floors and a ceiling painted blue between exposed wood framing, adapts easily to the changing uses. «
  16. Small Portable Cabin MAGNUM TRAILERS   This business is based in New Zealand. This is really different in my opinion because they have several unusual product lines to include: Mobile Chiller Trailers: For Rental or Purchase, Transportable Cabins, Food Trailers (for selling snacks, hot dogs, etc.), Enclosed Trailers (Toy Haulers), & Shuttle Trailers. Most or all of their products are custom built to the customers specifications.

    ►Magnum Trailers was formerly known as Transportable Cabins Ltd. We built our first cabin in 2004 after discovering a gap in the market for affordable portable units. Since then we have built units for a variety of purposes to suit the individual requirements of our customers.
    Fully integrated trailer base system (effectively a caravan). LTSA approved with WOF* and registration. Coloursteel roofing – built for NZ conditions. Aluminium ranchsliders & joinery (by Vistalite. Superclad Coloursteel, Ply and Batten, Shadowclad Ply or Insulated Panel exterior cladding systems. Supagal steel chassis – used for its superior corrosion resistance. Removable drawbar with fittings either end of the trailer for ease of maneuverability. Treated (tanalised) timber used throughout. Pink Batts insulation throughout for added warmth. Electrical WOF and R.C.D. power protection Ample light fittings, power points and optional TV and telephone jacks. Solar power option. Optional built in tanalised deck (removable for transporting). Custom built access to your caravan through an annex corridor. *as per LTSA regulations WoF only available for cabins up to 2.5m wide. All trailers built to LTSA regulations.◄
  17. Wishbone Tiny Home model WISHBONE TINY HOMES   Here is another one of those tiny home on wheels manufacturing businesses. I hope they are all making money. This business here has some pictures of their finished product including exterior & interior shots. They also will build "Ground Bound" cabins (small cabins built without wheels, no trailer undercarriage).

    ►We build custom tiny homes ranging from 150 SF to 1000 SF, designed for the diverse needs of the next generation RV and home buyer. Whether you are looking for a tiny home built to RV standards or one on foundation, we can provide a quality solution, tailored to your lifestyle and possessions. Wishbone Tiny Homes is a family owned and operated NC General Contracting company and RV manufacturer focused on meeting the diverse needs of the next generation tiny home buyer. Whether your needs are for recreational use or full-time living, we can find a one-of-a-kind solution for you and your loved ones. Partnering with non-profits to provide financial support, employment, and shelter to those who need it the most is a core mission of Wishbone Tiny Homes.◄
  18. The Mitre Box SHELTER WISE   When i look through this website, and i look at the prices of their finished product - i realize that what they are offering is something for people who have a fair amount of cash and would like a much higher end travel trailer with the look & feel of a modern well made cabin. Nothing wrong with that if you can afford it. This is not for the average person who would do OK with just a simple travel trailer or perhaps a shed from the Home Depot finished on the inside. Picture on the right is of one of their creations called: "The Mitre Box" which also happens to be for sale.

    ►Shelter Wise began out of a passion for all things energy and space efficient. We provide unique dwelling services to individuals interested in saving energy and simplifying their living space. Whether you need a comprehensive energy and weatherization package for your home or want to have the ultimate in energy efficient housing—a Tiny Home or Accessory Dwelling. Based in Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.◄
  19. Full Moon Tiny Shelters FULL MOON TINY SHELTERS   These guys build tiny shelters. By tiny they mean buildings under 200 SF. These can be built on trailers so that they are completely mobile or simply small enough to be delivered to a prepared site. They can be used for whatever you can imagine, from a home, to an office, to a yoga studio, to a boat house. Why do they build these? Because they believe that size is not everything and that tiny is beautiful. They do it so that some people can have a space they have always dreamed of. They do it so that other people can have a place to live. They do it because the world needs options. The world needs simplicity and beauty and anything that is executed to the highest standard. They do it because sometimes less is more.

    ►We build beautiful tiny houses, tiny shelters, yoga studios, mobile offices, guest rooms, spaces to sleep in, rooms to think in, and places to live in. We do it because we love it, because the challenges of design and the potential for craftsmanship make us, and our clients, happy. At this point we do not have any standard models, everything we do is custom. We can work with you through the design process from beginning to end, we can build to a design you already have, or something in between. Our goal is to build to the highest quality, one tiny shelter at a time, & to add beauty to the world around us. Whether it is raw or refined, elegant or ecstatic, playful or profound, our aim is an expression of wholeness, balance & harmony; the synergy of creativity, materials & craftsmanship.delight our clients, and hopefully add a bit of beauty to the world.◄
  20. Designer Cabin DESIGNER CABINS   These here are small but well appointed cabins, suitable for use as an extra living quarters in the back yard or on a vacant lot. They create quality designer buildings. This business is located in New Zealand.

    ►We have come up with something unique; something that sets itself apart from the rest, even the best. Designer Cabins was started in January 2013 with the determination to create something stylish and elegant which at that time was missing from the market . . . We have come up with a stunning design which is aesthetically pleasing
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    and stays true to what is intrinsically "Kiwi" so that it is suitable for any property or site. With the positive response we've had to our 6mtr display model, it is clear that we have succeeded in our quest to be the best. Why you should consider us: We are a family owned business with a variety of skills within the sector of building, business and design. Our dedication to quality can be seen in our workmanship. The Designer Cabins team includes an Architectural Designer. We can accommodate and personalize your ideas to create the build of your dreams. While staying true to our design, we can alter floor layouts to suit your requirements be it additional bedrooms, larger ensuites or perhaps style the cabin to provide for paying guests! Our display model can be viewed at our site. We are able to deliver anywhere in New Zealand.◄
  21. 12x20 Cabin BUILD A 12X20ft CABIN ON A BUDGET   Here is a very nice presentation of a simple cabin which a person could live in, built for a very low cost. This listing here takes you to a recent Instructables page featuring this cool little cabin. ►I wanted to have a cabin on my property for quite some time now but with the economy, the prices of having one built has more than doubled . . . So i had to build it myself. Six years ago i bought a 12x16 shed from a well known company near where i live. It cost me $2,000.00 for them to build it and drop it off. Now that same building would cost $4200.00 dollars. After i was finished with this building with the door and 3 windows the total amount i spent was $2200.00 dollars.◄
  22. Tiny Ginger Bread House THE TINY LIFE   This site linked to here is not about prefabricated Tiny Homes, but may have some information in previous posts. Well, as the popularity of the Tiny House movement has expanded, it has attracted more people putting up websites and blogs
    featuring that subject. Here is a new one that has come online and they do a very nice job of presenting their subject matter. Lots of good pictures and descriptions. They have Tiny House Specialty Books which you can buy off their website. This site linked to here seems to be a good resource for those of you interested in building your own Tiny Home.

    ►The Tiny Life is a resource for those seeking information on tiny living which encompasses simple living, tiny houses, and environmentally responsible lifestyles. We seek to provide more than just information on Tiny Houses, we aim to have discussions on Living life . . . Tiny! So we refer to our site as a Tiny Lifestyle blog.◄

  23. The Pamela Series ABSOLUTE CABINS   Here's a nice New Zealand based small housing business. They will customize a cabin for you, build to your specifications. And they have a nice website with lots of pictures of their finished cabins.

    ►Welcome to our website. Take a look through to see all the information you need about our cabin sizes, designs. Your new cabin can be built anywhere within a matter of weeks! We have gone to some extent to offer a new level of design and craftsmanship. Scroll down the page to see different sizes, floor plans, sample photos and contact details. If you're looking for a sleepout that will WOW any visitor to your home, PLUS add additional value to your home, we can make it happen for you! Women's Makeup Source We have come up with something unique, something different and something that sets itself apart from the rest, even the best. I started this company in January 2013 with the mind set of creating something a little different from the rest, and with the response we’ve had to our display cabin, it appears we have succeeded in this goal. Once you see our finished product, there is no way you will go back to a typical cabin design. We have taken cabin comfort and style to a whole new level . . . A level that will add huge value to your property, you'll be proud to show others, and more importantly, proud of your decision to go for quality over and above any other deciding factor. There are people who want quality and craftsmanship, and others who are happy with a simple kit design. We cater for the first group. 15 years of solid boat building has taught me to be creative and think outside the box, and only a perfect finish will do. "Providing Quality and Finesse" are the words we stand by when building your new cabin. Other key points why you should consider us: We are a family business with a variety of skills within the sector of building, business and design. Our dedication to quality is backed up by our guarantee. Show Homes can be viewed at our site. We are able to deliver and assemble anywhere in the North Island and South Island.◄
  24. Weekend Cottage PEARL COTTAGES   This business located in the state of Washington, specializes in traditionally-styled, green built, pre-fab rooms, guest suites, & small homes or cottages. I could not find any photos of their creations on their website, picture on the right is of their "Weekend Cottage" model.

    ►Architect Christopher Rost and his wife Carol founded Pearl Cottages with the idea of providing flexible, efficient, classically-designed prefabricated structures that could be easily expanded, contracted, re-tasked, moved or sold while maintaining utmost aesthetic integrity. Located in the beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington State, it is out of their love and respect of the natural environment that the company continually strives to find building construction and delivery systems with the most flexibility and least impact on the land it occupies. Pearl Cottages is the culmination of Rost's 25 years in the residential design and construction industry as Studio 29. Pearl Cottages are classically designed prefab structures that can be re-tasked, expanded, moved or sold as your needs evolve. They can be customized to work in architectural harmony with an existing home or match that fantasy retreat you've always dreamed of. We use materials and products with qualities encouraged by the US Green Building Council. Since 85% of production of a Pearl Cottage is done in a controlled factory environment, a Pearl Cottage creates less construction and fuel waste than a traditional site-built structure. Our staff architect can design custom modular structures for a variety of residential or commercial applications. Please contact us for more information.◄
  25. 14x14 Cottage Studio KANGA ROOM SYSTEMS   This business based in Texas sells Prefab Cabins, Backyard Studio Rooms, & Wood Sheds. Lots of pictures of their designs available. Picture on the right is of their "14x14 FT Cottage Studio".

    ►Kanga Room Systems, Inc., is North America’s premier designer and manufacturer of revolutionary, high quality, prefabricated wood product kits for stand-alone outdoor rooms and accessory structures used for home, ranch, business, and industrial sites. We feature a variety of cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage, and children's playhouses, and playrooms available as build-it-yourself prefabricated kits or we'll assemble it for you with our premium installation services. As our lives change, our need for living space, storage space, office space and play space also changes. Most of the time, we need "just one more room," additional space for a guest, a project, or storage. Many times, we wish for a space of our own, our own office, our own art studio, a reading room, a special getaway. Is your business is rapidly expanding or responding to change? If it is, the last thing you want to worry about is having sufficient office space. Is your family expanding and you need just a little more space in your home? The design experts at Kanga Room Systems can meet any need in any condition, from a peaceful backyard to a booming industrial site. Whether you need one Kanga Room or many, we can find a solution that will work for you. Kanga Room Systems is very happy to serve customers in Home, Ranch, Industrial, and Business arenas, with many practical applications. Who doesn't need a beautiful, easy, "almost instant" add-on room?◄
  26. eco-cottage MICROHOUSE   These people specialize in small homes and have a very nice website to prove it. Picture on the right is of their "Eco-Cottage". "The eco-cottage is an affordable contemporary design featuring 2 bedrooms + study, kitchen, living room and a full bath in a compact 20 ft x 24 ft footprint. This small house is an ideal retreat or backyard cottage."

    ►Microhouse is an award winning collaborative of architects, landscape architects and designers based in Seattle, Washington, who enjoy the challenge of providing energy and space-efficient designs. Our designs are grounded in the Pacific Northwest, emphasizing a warm palette of sustainable building materials. Products We believe that efficiently meeting our client needs results in the least expensive and most sustainable buildings. Our standard designs of 120 SF to 1,200 SF units are suitable for urban infill lots, environmentally sensitive areas and everywhere else. We encourage customization of these designs to best realize the potential of the individual sites. Microhouse specializes in the design and permitting of backyard cottages, a small detached house on the same lot as a primary residence. Increasing numbers of municipalities are updating their zoning codes to allow backyard cottages. These cottages provide opportunities for families to accommodate an aging parent or add rental income while increasing the value of their property. Typically these cottages are limited to 800 SF in size. Contact us to find out if backyard cottages are allowed in your area. Microhouse provides custom residential small house design and permitting services. We also offer small house plans for sale nationwide through our web page. We encourage customization of our plans to best realize our clients goals and the potential of individual sites. In addition to residential design we offer landscape design and site analysis for residential, multi-family and commercially zoned properties.◄
  27. Tiny House Swoon TINY HOUSE SWOON   Linked here is the very well done, very beautiful website "Tiny House Swoon". Picture on the right is one of their many small cabin projects, a modified dumpster used as a tiny home. Click on the picture at the right to visit this cool project.

    ►If you would like to submit a tiny house you can email it to swoon [at] What is a tiny house? A unique and small house that viewers will find interesting and of course, swoon over. All images must be at least 900 pixels wide. You don't have to be the owner or photographer of the images (if you are, great!) but must have permission to use these photos. If you would like to receive credit with a link to your website, please provide that as well. The best part is, if the photos you send over get used on the site, we'll send you $20 just as a nice and humble "Thank You" for sharing - The Tiny House Swoon Crew◄

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